8. Mai 2018: Kingsman: The Golden Circle (OV)

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

UK, USA (2017)

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ab 16 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Matthew Vaughn
Schauspieler: Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Mark Strong
141 Minuten
The world needs saving … again.

Eggsy is back. It’s a year after defeating Valentine and saving the world – Eggsy is now a Kingsman agent and has a steady relationship with the good-looking Princess Tilde.

However, not everything is going according to plan as Eggsy is attacked by former Kingsman trainee Charlie. Eggsy manages to evade Charlie, but at great cost: vital information is lost, and the Kingsman Secret Service crumbles around him.

Eggsy and agent Merlin carry out the doomsday protocol – which consists solely of drinking a bottle of very good, very old Whiskey. The Whiskey leads them to Kentucky, and to “Statesman”, the American counterpart to Kingsman. Eggsy and Merlin must work together with their American allies to stop the slightly crazy drug lord Poppy from carrying out her plans of extortion.

But Statesman is not the only help Eggsy and Merlin receive – an old friend may be able to help them out if he can remember just who he was.

The Kingsman sequel gets kinda crazy but is so much fun to watch. (Cultured Vultures)