5. Dezember 2019: Anna and the Apocalypse (OV, Garching)


Jesus und Judas kämpfen mit Fischen gegen Römer-, Cowboy- und Pharisäer-Zombies (Länge: 15:20 Min.)

Anna and the Apocalypse

UK (2017)

ab 16 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: John McPhail
Schauspieler: Ella Hunt, Malcolm Cumming, Sarah Swire
93 Minuten
A Zombie Christmas Musical

Anna attends a normal highschool in Scotland. She is a normal Teenager with normal Teenager problems like boys she dated, her best friend having feelings for her, her dad not approving of her gap year after school and her savage school director. But of course she can always relay on her friends when things really go bad.

It is right before Christmas and Anna is working at the bowling center to save up some money. She is also working on the day of the school Christmas show when it all begins: a massive virus breakout which turns people into zombies. By ignorance and good music Anna and her best friend go through the world unharmed and first have a little quarrel before noticing, that something isn’t right: A man in a snowman costume tries to kill them! But luckily zombies aren’t the brightest and they can escape. As soon as they know the deal they try to find other survivors and their families. They scramble off into a winterwonderland full of Christmas gadgets and always a catchy song on the lips.

Show tunes meet Shaun of the Dead in the delightfully gruesome Scottish horror-musical Anna and the Apocalypse. (Globe and Mail)

The songs are as infectious as the corpses that walk the earth to satisfy their hunger for flesh, and the dances are as frenzied as the living people desperately trying to save their hides. (New York Post) "One of those rare horror movies to leave you with good holiday cheer."- RogerEbert.com