30. Januar 2020: Ralph Breaks the Internet (OV, Garching)

Kurzfilm: TRIAL & ERROR

Ein Film über einen verlorenen Hemdknopf, perfektionistische Tanten, geschäftige Katzen und einen lang vergessenen Freund. (Länge: 5:27 Min.)

Ralph Breaks the Internet

USA (2018)

ab 6 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Phil Johnston, Rich Moore
112 Minuten
An up-to-date Disney princess

Six years have passed since Ralph helped Vanellope von Schweetz to reclaim her rightful place in the Arcade game “Sugar Rush”, and Vanellope helped Ralph to regain his confidence and once again enjoy his job in the game “Fix-It Felix Jr.”. During these years, the two of them have become close friends.

One day, on the racetrack a disagreement between Vanellope and the kid who is playing the game leads to a tragic accident: the steering wheel of the cabinet breaks. Unfortunately, the manufacturing company of Sugar Rush is no longer in business, and replacing the wheel would be too expensive – therefore, the owner of the Arcade center decides to dispose of the cabinet and replace it with a new game.

But Vanellope and Ralph quickly cook up a plan. Via the newly installed router of the Arcade center, they inject themselves into the Internet, where they are able to find a spare wheel. All they need now is money to pay for it. But they have plenty of ideas on how to fix that – and finally find a new challenge for Vanellope’s racing skills.

A turbo-charged satire that swaps out Gen X video arcade nostalgia for our current, all-consuming social-media-fueled obsession, the endlessly inventive Walt Disney Studios Animation follow-up impressively levels up with laugh-out-loud consistency. (The Hollywood Reporter)