22. Dezember 2015: Die Hard 2 (Weihnachtsfilm, OV)

Kurzfilm: Die Hard

Eine kurze animierte Parodie auf bekannte amerikanische Spielfilme, insbesondere auf „Die Hard” mit Bruce Willis. (Länge: 1:30 Min.)

Die Hard 2 (Digital)

USA (1990)

Zum Trailer
ab 16 Dolby SR CinemaScope
Regie: Renny Harlin
Schauspieler: Bruce Willis, Bonnie Bedelia, William Atherton
124 Minuten
Die Harder.

Christmas is ruined, again: John McClane tries to reconcile with Holly, but something comes up.

This time, a group of terrorists under the command of former U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel Stuart takes over the Washington airport, where McClane is supposed to meet Holly. The armed mercenaries set up a command center in an old church, where they take over control of communication and energy supply. They threaten to down all incoming aircrafts, unless former south american dictator Ramon Esperanza, who is scheduled to be flown in and extradited, will be handed over to them. But they make a critical mistake: They mess with John McClane.

While McClane single-handedly takes out terrorists on a furious killing spree, Holly’s plane circles above the runway, slowly running out of fuel …

A number of scenes have been staged with satisfying kinetic flair, and Willis once again makes an appealing superhero. (Entertainment Weekly)