26. Januar 2016: The PhD Movie 1 + 2 (Double Feature, OV)

Piled Higher and Deeper 1 + 2 (Digital)

USA (2015)

Zum Trailer

Regie: Vahe Gabuchian, Iram Parveen Bilal
Schauspieler: Fawzia Mirza, Alexandra Lockwood, Raj Katti, Crystal Dilworth, Zachary Abbott, Evans Boney
147 Minuten
Sometimes, when you can’t see the humor in your life and need a little push, PhD Comics can help you out.

Mike, Cecilia, Tajel, and “The Nameless Guy” are a bunch of rather typical PhD candidates. They don’t share the same disciplines but they definitely have something in common: Each one struggles with typical problems faced in university life. This starts with the first semester as a PhD student, trying to find new friends, get along well with your advisor and make the best of it.

But there is a lot more to find out about being a PhD student. They also have to cope with undergrads, their research, teaching, and a diet of caffeine and ramen noodles. Balancing their university and personal lives unites the four PhD candidates, who make their way through all the stress, frustration and scarce success with a glimpse of hope.

Based on the famous comic strips by Jorge Cham (www.phdcomics.com).

Like monks and prisoners, all PhD students, whatever their discipline, have some things in common, and Cham’s movie, tapping adeptly into that shared culture, will provide a welcome break between supervision sessions and grading papers. (Times Higher Education)