8. Dezember 2016: Sing Street (OV)

Kurzfilm: Music for One X-Mas and Six Drummers

Zum Luciafest verkleidet dringen die Six Drummers in ein Altersheim ein und spielen dort auf einer Nähmaschine, einem Webstuhl und dem Weihnachtsschmuck ein Musikstück. (Länge: 5:04 Min.)

Sing Street

Irland, USA, UK (2016)

ab 6 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: John Carney
Schauspieler: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Lucy Boynton, Jack Reynor
106 Minuten
Your problem is that you’re not happy being sad.

14 year old Conor isn’t the most popular kid in his new school, his shoes aren’t the right colour, and he’s not from the right part of town. Things start to change after he talks to the good looking Raphina and invites her to act in his music video – his only problem: he doesn’t play an instrument, and he’s not in a band.

Conor, aka Cosmo, has to to quickly put together a band to impress the mysterious cool girl and, while things fall apart at home between his parents, the newly formed band, mentored by Conor’s cool drop out older brother, grows in importance and confidence. The motley misfit band members struggle through prejudices and troubles, beating all expectations. A story of rebellion, bravery, commitment and music, Conor’s journey helps him to find friends, love, and himself.

The film captures the earnestness and the silliness of the boys’ efforts, but also how little that matters when you’re discovering what it feels like to create something. (BuzzFeed News)